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Are you ready to be a BOSS?

Like most people’s dream to be a Boss but are you ready to have what it takes to be a Boss? I talked to one of my client who complained that nowadays it is so difficult to hire good people especially young people. He said that everyone want to be their own boss, either to become property agent, insurance agent or set up their own company. Another business of associate of mine also complained said that he has no luck with young people as his staff. He said now he rather hire someone at 30 years plus who is more mature rather than younger people. I wonder that why so many bosses who complain about staff problems in any business they are in too. Is this a society that we live in now, young people tend to be irrational, unpredictable dan unresponsible? How can we correct this society to be more hardworking, trustworthy, and grateful? I ran my business for more than 12 years. I met many staffs through out my business. I have my fair share of handling difficult and unreasonable staff and I also can count how many good staffs that I ever worked with. I share many happy moments with those who are like my family members to me too.
When you plan to be a boss, here are some advise you need to ask yourselves clearly and honesty:
1. What is your goal to be a boss? Money, power, fame or for better society. Make a business with an impact for better world. Passion is an important factor as you must enjoy the process and do what you like.
2. Are you ready for all the hard work? To continue despite of all obstacles. Persistence and determination to go through the business. While never give up is good, but access again if there is market to your business. Sometimes, you stop to learn on how to do better is good too.
3. Are you a self discipline person? Would you work yourselves if no one is helping you? Can you do all the work yourselves and learn all the important skills you need to have at first to do the business? You need to set good example to your staff. You have to show your capability to run the business. While you can’t have all the skills, find out your strength and your weakness.
If you think that you are not ready to be a Boss now,  don’t worry. You can still learn and be the best on what you do now. Success comes if you always do your best in whatever you can do now. It is always a process to everything. Be patient as there is always time for everything. Don’t hurry the process. While think big is important, you have to learn on how to walk small step before u are ready to run. Learn as much as you can from everyone that you admire. Read as many books about skills that you need to acquire. Do research on the type of business you plan to do. No one should think they are the best and proud with skills you have now that you forget to be humble to learn from other more successful people. Never stop learning from everyone.
Success not necessarily comes from being a boss yourselves. Becoming a boss doesn’t always guarantee you a success either.
Hope it helps to set your direction right!