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Being a leader is not easy, do you think natural born leader really exist? I am not sure but I’m definitely not one. Im still learning my way or the best way to be a good leader. You may wonder why as I’m the boss. True, I’m a LadybossJJ but I’m still struggling sometimes to be the best leader as I can be.

Being a leader is not an easy job, so that’s why you can see so many books on leadership at the book shop. People are talking about effective leadership everywhere. You can search the topic of leadership and countless of those topic found in the Internet. You also can search the topic about being a good leaders in YouTube and you can find many talks and discussion about those relevant topic. So what makes a good leader?
I wonder which way is the most effective way. I read a lot, search online and listen to show on YouTube about leadership.
Being A Boss, I need to upgrade my skills all the times and I’m still keep learning and looking the best way.
I think there is no perfect answer which way is the best way, every company is different, every environment and culture  is also different. I learn everyday from everyday life, I motivate myself to be a good example of being a leader. I know I’m not perfect but I’m willing to improve myself along the way. I also humbled myself to take feedback from my staffs and said sorry if I’m making a mistake. After all I’m just a human being. I’m matured in my thinking along the way. It takes processes to know that I have changed to be a better Boss.
I promise myself that I won’t stop learning to be a good leader. Leader lead by example so I want to be the good example. I want to be able to create more leader in my company. To empower my staffs and to motivate and nurture them so they can grow to be the leaders eventually.
Yes, I admit there was time that I scream loud to express my feeling of upset and anger that certain things were not done the right way or some bad attitude that I can’t tolerate anymore but I learned that I can’t do that anymore as a good leader. I promise to myself that I have to stay calm and be able to control my emotion.
Here are 5 level of leadership according to John Maxwell:
1. Position Level
They listen to you because you are the boss
2. Permission Level
They have created relationship with you. They like you as their leader.
3. Production level
They produce result by example. You attract people as you produce by example.
4. Growing level
You have grow the right people to sit in the right place. As a successful leader, you discover what people good at, nurture them to be at right position and you create leadership in them.
5. Respect
You have their respect.
Leadership is always learning and growing process. I feel there is no short cut to be effective leader. Leadership is influence people to be at their best.
Everyone may give you different level of leadership as not everyone has the same experience and trust you but don’t lose faith. Confidence that you are doing your best to improve yourself and you love what you do. I want to help people and I want to inspire people.
A good leader create another leaders eventually not follower.