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Wonder Women

I love the character of a comic in Wonder Women so I start collecting Wonder Women figurine if I saw a nice one. I love the feeling being a “Wonder Women”

Seriously, I’m sure any of us is a wonder women inside us. We are a daughter, a sister, a wife,  a mom, a sister, a friend and a working mom. How can we do it all at the same time? We are selfless creature. We like to give without expecting in return in our nature. Sometimes we give out too much that we feel that people are taking advantage of our kindness. People are taking granted for our love. People are expecting us to give more and more without receiving it back. Sometimes we feel really tired… But we never complain so we continue to do what we do best, is to give more and more.
Isn’t it we are a “Wonder Women” in our own life?”
My advise to women who are like the above description including myself, just stop giving when you are tired. When you  realize that someone is taking advantage or you and taking you for granted. STOP giving to that person. It is alright to be selfish sometimes. You can’t keep giving without receiving. It is a very unhealthy relationship with anyone like that. It is toxic. I know some women who are selfish that they like to receive without giving back too. They could be your closest friends, your mother, your sisters.
Be careful, as you will be very hurtful if you realize it too late. It is OK to protect your own feeling toward all these selfish people. You need to take care of yourself well and first class before you can taking care of others.
Don’t stop giving but give to those people who appreciate you, love you and giving you back. Relationship with any human being should be like that. Give and take!
I’m sure you will find very disappointed when you realize some people just like to take but doesn’t want to give back. It is okay, that’s their character. You can’t change them. But leave them if you can before you are feeling dry emotionally.
Thank you for reading my blog. Continue to be that Wonder Women. Be happy as always, stay positive, keep giving, be brave, be courageous, be kind, be grateful and be YOU!