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5 Basic Value in Life to teach your kids by age of 5

  1. Today, I bring my son, Theseus Chua for his first swimming lesson. While teaching him on how to swim is important, as a parent I have many important lessons to teach him as a basic fundamental value in life. I would like to share my 5 basic important value to teach my sons:
    1. Love and be kinds to others
    I think this is a basic human relationship in life, be kind to others. Recent case of United Airlines where police use forces and drag and humiliate another human being is a sad case to know. I know where sometimes in life you just feel like to teach a person a lesson because the person make you so angry 😡, still there is no reason to beat another person.

Be strong but not rude
Be humble but not timid
Be proud but not arrogant
Be kind but not weak.

Show love to your kids, said ” I love you” often to your kids. Let your kids see you demonstrate your love and affection for people in your life. Kiss and hug your spouse when the kids are around. Talk to your kids about how much you love an appreciate their grandparents, aunts and cousins. Give him a hug for no reason. The more hugs and kisses you give, the more your home will be filled with love and affection. and when your kids feel free to express their love us, we install in them perhaps the greatest value of all.

2. Honestly
Being truthful to yourself is important. You can lie to other persons but you can’t lie to yourselves. You can’t deceive yourselves forever for being a person that you are not. Just be you, you are unique and special in your own way. You are born to be a Star! Give confidence to your kid, let him be what he is without being pretentious.

Dont lie to your kids and fulfil your promise to your kids if you say so. Let your kids hear you being truthful with other adults. Another way to promote the value of honesty: Don’t overreact if your child lies to you. Instead help him to find away to tell a truth. Even if being honest isn’t always easy or comfortable, you and other people always feel better if you tell the truth.

3. Justice
Learn what is right to do and wrong to do from a beginning so your kids will understand. For example your kids make a mistake and you want him to say sorry, don’t just say sorry as it is easy. Help him think of a way to compensate. By encouraging your kids to make such gestures, you also empathize the important of treating people fairly an essential value that one day will help him negotiate the complicated world of peer- group relationship.

4. Determination
Determination is a value that you encourage from a vey young age. The easiest way to do so is by avoiding excessive praise and by providing kids with honest feedback on his work, delivered in a gentle, supportive manner.
Another powerful way to help kids develop determination is to encourage them to do things that don’t come easily- and to praise them for their initiative. Congratulate kids when they manage to do things that are difficult for them. When the kids who hear”Good for you, I know they was really tough!” It bolstered by the recognition and becomes even more determined to keep trying.

5. Consideration
Teach them to think about others’s feelings.
Ask them if they do something naughty, that’s will make everyone upset. Ask them to give you solution on how not to make someone upset because of their bad behaviour. Over time, even as a young child sees that words or actions can make another person smile or feel better, and that when he is kind to someone else, that person is nice to him. This feedback encourages other genuine acts of consideration.

Have a great parenting day ahead!

Love, #LadyBossJJ