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Be forever young lady

In my recent trip to Spain, I met two interesting ladies who style her hair without worry what people are thinking. She walked confidently in the busy street in Madrid. I can’t resist not to take photo with her so I asked her for permission for a photo which she gladly said okay. I hope I make her day for taking photo with her too as she will feel that she is so special.Β I don’t know exactly her age but she is an elderly lady who has a fun pink color hair on her fringes. I love the pink color which is so vibrant and Happy color.

I guess it takes a confidence lady like her to color her hair in striking color for her age but I think to her if that’s makes her happy, why not?

I love her confidence which she carry out with her pink hair. I love her spontaneous personality that she agree to take photo with me. Bear in mind that I can’t speak Spanish and she can’t speak English well too but we communicate through body language he he…

Then I met another lady who has an interesting hair style too in Toledo train station in Spain. I also took a photo with her for a memory which she agreed. You need to be bold to have unique hair style but I love these two elderly ladies who have courage to wear hairstyles as they like and wear it with confidence.

I think both of these ladies are good example that match Β with one of my philosophy in life:

It is none of my business what people said about me and think of me.

I am what I am.

I do what I do.

I expect nothing, and accept everything.

And it makes life so much easier.

Kudos to all the women who want to be whatever they want, wear whatever they deems right and do hairstyles as they like. Don’t let society tell you or think about you deter you from doing what you think you like of doing. Be the best version of you. Be confident With yourself. You control your destiny. You are what you are. You are unique in your own way. No one can control you in doing something you don’t like of doing. Be happy Be you! 😊😊😊😘😘😘

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