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Salute to all working women in the world

First, I met a women who wear 7 skirts as their tradition to wear in Nazare Portugal. She is been selling dried fruits and nuts in the cart to tourists or people in the area. She has taken many photos with some famous tourists that she paste on her carts. She is proud of what she is doing and full of energy. I like her really positivity. I bought things for her then I took a photo with her for a memory.

I also met another elderly lady in Nazare beach in Portugal who sells small things hanging on the strings for souvenirs. She looks happy and smiling so I bought a souvenir from her then I also took a photo with her as a memory. She has a kind face and genuine smile that I will remember her too.

Another story when I went to a toilet in train station of Atocha in Madrid Spain, I find the toilet of public place is very clean. Rare to find right? Although you need to put coin to go inside the toilet, I find it extra clean for public toilet then I saw a lady who is cleaning it. I told her a compliment that her toilet care is very clean. She looks happy and told me that she cleaned it often and many times. She really took pride on what she is doing. I’m proud of her too. Then I go outside toilet to buy a water bottle then I asked her who mend this shop, she told me that she is also in charge of the small shop outside the toilet. She told me she do everything and she is a “super women” he he…I like her spontaneous! Isn’t she cute? So I asked her if I can take a photo with her as a memory and reminder to myself and all the women out there. Take pride in whatever you do! Do the best in what you can now as you won’t know what will link you in the future. I also start working as a waiter when I come to singapore to study alone. I think all job in the world is a honorable job as long as you maintain your integrity. To me integrity is basic foundation of all things in life. You won’t achieve success if you don’t have integrity to start with.

To all working women that I met during my journey, thank you for being my inspiration in life and thank you for making the journey of my travel more memorable one! Salute and cheers to those women and to all working women in the world.

#LadyBossJJstories will continue next…